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Google went dark in CR last night due to ‘network error’

Google services unexpectedly shut down in the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries for two hours.


PRAGUE – In case you missed it, Google.cz was unexpectedly shut down last night for two hours in what has now been confirmed as an internal network error (and not terrorism), according to local news sources.

The error started on Tuesday evening at about 19:20, cutting off the Google website in the entirety of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and reached into parts of Germany, Poland and Romania. Outage maps posted at the time indicate that service was simulataneously interrupted in parts of the United States as well.

Where the error is now known to be network related, Google’s representative in the Czech Republic declined to specify the cause.

“We are aware of the complications and our engineers are working intensively to eliminate them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to users,” Google’s service spokesman Elizabeth Houzarová was quoted as saying in Hospodářský noviny.

Zdenek Cendra, co-founder of the Internet node Peering.cz, wrote on Twitter that Google was not operating at 100 percent in the Czech Republic and that it and other Google services such as Youtube and Gmail were not running due to a bug in the Google Network (Tweet below). He would go on to Tweet that he estimates 500-600 gigabits per second in lost traffic.

Photo: downdetector.com
Photo: downdetector.com

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