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More than 1/4 of Czech households consider themselves ‘poor’

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Nearly half of Czechs say they and their families feel a financial strain of some kind.


PRAGUE – More than a quarter of Czech households consider themselves to be poor, while nearly half of all families are facing financial problems of some kind, according to a study released yesterday by the Public Opinion Research Center, which is apart of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The study, which assessed nearly 1,000 citizens on their impression of the economic state of their families, uncovered that 29 percent of all respondents believe they and their families are poor, while 49 percent said they are experiencing some degree of problem with their current budget.

Of the latter number, three-quarters are those who are unemployed, such as the elderly and students. Still, 92% of all respondents said they have enough money to pay for the basics, like food and water.

“More than three quarters (77%) of respondents also declared that their household income is sufficient to pay for healthcare, medicines and health aids, which in turn poses a problem for about a fifth (19%) of respondents,” the study states, adding that a whopping 55% of Czechs are not in a position to save money at all.

Compared to last year, the number of those who claim to face financial difficulties has shrunk by 2 percent, indicating no real change, the study points out.

On the flip side, 61% of respondents feel that their families are neither rich nor poor, while 9% in fact believe they and their families to be wealthy. Just 1% of those asked said they were “very wealthy.”

“Only 15% of households buy luxury goods, 80% do not, and in fact 52% ‘definitely’ not to buy luxury goods,” the study states.

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