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IN PICTURES: The Best of Titus (AKA a Shakespearean wrestling match)

With two nights in the books, Prague Shakespeare Co. gets bloody in the squared-circle.


PRAGUE – What do you get when you combine depictions of severed hands and tongues, Donald Trump jokes and bloody murders all set to a wrestling theme? Shakespeare of course!

Directors Dan Brown and Amy Huck have tackled – quite literally – Shakespeare’s most gruesome play – Titus Andronicus.

The play is a bloody game of revenge between Roman warrior Titus Andronicus and his enemy, the Queen of Goths Tamora, and after two nights on stage (and three to go), this play has already earned the title of ‘can’t miss Shakespeare’ – and that is no easy task.

Check out our best pics from last night’s performance, and when you are done with that, check out our recent interview with directors Dan and Amy to learn more.

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