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Czech Republic strengthens ties with… Syria

A Roman style amphitheater in Syria.

Deputy Minister promises more aid and trade and assistance with reconstruction in war torn state.


PRAGUE – The Syrian Arab News Agency, a state-owned news outlet in Syria announced yesterday that the Czech Republic had promised to strengthen ties with the country that is entering its sixth year of civil war.

Czech politicians have been noted to pick some dubious allies of late, but the al-Assad regime is quite the picking. Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Tlapa met with Syrian Culture Minister Mohammad al-Ahmad and Syrian Economy Minister Adib Mayaleh to discuss ways the two countries could bolster their diplomatic relationship.

“Syria and Czech are connected by old friendly ties as we have the same cultural heritage and experiment,” the Syrian Culture Minister said in a press statement, according to SANA.

We’re assuming ‘experiment’ is a typo for experience, but even on that note, we’re not sure what the shared experiences are? Chemical warfare on civilians is hopefully not one of the shared experiences/experiments.

Tlapa was in Syria to deliver more than three million crowns worth of humanitarian aid and medicine to the regime.

Tlapa discuss joint projects with the culture minister aimed at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Syria’s built heritage and Mayaleh discussed the prospect of bringing future Czech trade delegations to Syria.

Although, as we reported earlier this year there already seems to be a profitable trade between Syria and Czech Republic arms dealers.

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