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WATCH: plane nearly crashes at Vaclav Havel Airport

Photo: Radko Nasinec, Youtube

A Boeing 737-430 scraped the tarmac before being forced to pull-up and try again.


PRAGUE – Strong winds in Prague last week forced a Boeing 737-430 attempting to land at Vaclav Havel International Airport to abort a landing after scraping against the tarmac.

Video of the landing (below) appears to show the plane only barely avoiding a massive crash before the pilot pulled the plane up. He would then circle back around and complete the landing. The flight was reportedly operated by Spanish airline Air Horizont.

Stanislav Fiala of the Czech Pilots’ Association told the media that the maneuver “was the only correct procedure.” Commenting on the footage, he said: “If they responded in time they could’ve avoided contact with the ground.”

The footage was originally posted on YouTube on October 4 and has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It also prompted some pretty hilarious commentary, many of which congratulate the pilot for his set of giant.. cognitive reactionary skills.

“Respect for them, titanium balls,” said one person.

“New pants for all on board,” said another.

“It is amazing how the plane can take off again due to the enormous weight of the giant Pilot balls.”

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