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Czech ‘treasure hunters’ claim to be close to finding $62 bln in Nazi loot

Josef Mužík. Photo: Facebook

The sleuths claim that billions in hidden Nazi treasure is located somewhere in Štěchovice.


PRAGUE – Amateur sleuth Josef Mužík, who has been on the hunt for billions of dollars worth of hidden Nazi loot for about three decades now, believes he has found concrete evidence pointing to the location of the goods some 20 kilometers outside of Prague in Štěchovice, according to international media.

Mužík, who has called on the general public to fund his efforts, has been known to excavate sites in the Czech Republic with hopes of uncovering the “treasure,” but that effort has intensified with the apparent discovery of a Nazi document that allegedly points to its whereabouts in the Czech Republic.

Bolstering his arsenal, Mužík has joined forces with Sudeten German Helmut Gänsel, an ex-employee of the Czech intelligence service and other intelligence agencies, who was himself involved in the interrogation of the Nazi General, Emil Klein, who stashed the loot after World War II.

“The Gestapo commander Heinrich Müller and the Secretary of Hitler Martin Borman organized transport of the Third Reich treasure, mainly to Argentina. Otto Skorzeny provided the transports. The last large delivery that was supposed to leave Berlin and via Madrid continue to Argentina at the very end of the War and comprised 540 boxes,” the sleuth’s website states.

It continues to speculate that the lost treasure may contain gold, stolen art, “stocks and shares,” belonging to Göring, German bank notes, foreign currency “and even some secret documents of military research.”

For more on the search, you can follow the pair on Facebook, here.

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