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Prague sued for breaching EU air pollution laws (VIDEO)

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Prague becomes the second city in the Czech Republic to be sued for breaching EU air pollution laws.


PRAGUE – Prague has become the second city in the Czech Republic to face legal action by non-profit environmental law organization ClientEarth and local partners for breaching EU air pollution laws, according to a statement issued yesterday by the organization

According to the statement, the environmental lawyers filed a legal grievance yesterday in Prague and are now active legally on air pollution in five European countries: the U.K., Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland, and “more European cities will face court action in the coming months.”

“The Czech authorities have negotiated a number of derogations from EU air quality law and missed deadlines on complying with them. In the Czech Republic, an estimated 10,000 early deaths each year are attributed to air pollution,” the organization states.

“Residents of Prague, Czech legal organisation Frank Bold and ClientEarth have joined together to fight for clean air in the city. The current plan in place to improve air quality in Prague is inadequate, it should be scrapped and replaced with another which includes concrete actions to improve air pollution as soon as possible.”

The lawsuit comes as new findings by the World Bank estimate 5.5 million lives were lost worldwide in 2013 alone as a result of the impacts of air pollution. The study valued the 2013 global cost of lost labor attributed to air pollution at $225 billion.

A video interview with James Thornton of Clientearth was also published along with the statement and can be seen below.

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