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Uber drivers now taking cash in Prague

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The popular taxi service’s Prague drivers will accept cash payments in lieu of credit cards starting today.


PRAGUE – In an effort to satisfy concerns over credit card security, the popular international taxi service Uber will now offer users in Prague an opportunity to pay using cash, the company announced today.

Regardless of the move, new users will still have to plug in their credit card information if they wish to create an account.

“Our vision is to make Uber so reliable and available, like running water, and therefore will now offer payments in cash. We hope that now, passengers will feel comfortable when entering a credit card to your profile and will fully enjoy their first Uber ride,” the company stated.

Similar to other cities around the world, the founding of Uber in Prague has upset the entire taxi industry — everybody except for customers, who are now benefiting from better service and cheaper prices. In February, hundreds of taxis blocked parts of a major road in downtown Prague near the Central Station during a morning’s rush hour in protest of Uber and similar car-hailing apps, which they deemed illegal.

Despite efforts to eliminate the service, Uber has continued unabated, though the same cannot be said for all countries. In July, Uber was forced to withdraw from Hungary  due to government legislation that makes it impossible for it to operate.

“Unfortunately, the logic of legislative developments that have unfolded in Hungary over the last 18 months have led us to this difficult decision,” Rob Khazzam, general manager for Uber in central Europe, told Reuters in an interview.

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