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Teen drinking, smoking rates in ČR among highest in EU: study

Smoking and drinking prevalence in CR is really high comparatively, even though they are decreasing.


PRAGUE – Cigarette and alcohol use among European teenagers is on a downward trend in the Czech Republic, but are still among the highest in the European Union, show the results released yesterday from a decade-long study.

The study, conducted by the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs canvased all European countries, except Germany and the UK, for trends of alcohol and drug consumption among school-goers.

In general, the rates of smoking, drinking and illicit drug use among teenagers had decreased over the decade-long period of the survey, however on average the results for the Czech Republic stood out as high.

Eighty percent of students in the Czech Republic said they could easily get a hold of cigarettes, a rate higher than any other European country surveyed. More than 90% of students in the Czech Republic said they could easily obtain alcohol, a rate only equaled by Denmark and Greece.

The Czech Republic was one of three countries, along with Georgia and Cyprus with the highest rate of preteen drinking. Sixty-eight percent of Czech children said they had consumed alcohol under the age of 13, with one in twelve reporting having been intoxicated.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Czech students had the highest rates of teen drinking.

The Czech Republic also took the ‘winning’ top post in ease of access to cannabis. Half of all school students said they could easily get a hold of some marijuana in the Republic – figures substantially higher than any other European country. And 13% had used cannabis in the past 30 days.

The perceived availability of ecstasy for teenagers was also highest in the Czech Republic. The survey ultimately found that more than a third of students, 37%, reported having used an illicit drug at least once, which was more than double the European average of only 18%.

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