Russian artists detained in Prague

The artists are a group of dissidents that have been on the run from the Kremlin.


Prague – A husband, wife and child were detained in Prague over the weekend for unknown reasons, reported RFE/RL. The husband and wife are members of the Russian artist group Voina, meaning ‘war’ and are both wanted in Russia for acts of ‘hooliganism.’

Oleg Vorotnikov, and his wife, Natalya Sokol, were originally detained on September 18, but Sokol and her daughter were later released. Sokol told RFE/RL she fears her husband faces extradition to Russia.

Voina is a street art group known in Russia for controversial political art that has included kissing female police officers to protest a new police power law, painting a huge phallus on the underside of a drawbridge and shoplifting a frozen chicken in a female member’s vagina.

Voina members previously included the members of Pussy Riot.

Vorotnikov was charged with hooliganism in 2010 for an art performance entitled ‘Palace Revolution’. He and a fellow Voina member were caught after overturning seven empty police cars. Vorotnikov was eventually bailed out of prison in 2011 and he, his wife and his daughter have been seeking political asylum in Europe ever since.

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