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Czech Republic enacts limited ban on spontaneous celebrations after midnight

You will now need 12 months’ notice if you plan to stage any celebrations that may disturb the peace.


PRAGUE – Whelp, say goodbye to any kind of spontaneous fun guys.

Unless you’re in the mind to plan your parties twelve or more months in advance, you’re out of luck under further amendments to the Offences Act to be enforceable starting October 1, which seems to primarily have been drafted by the fun police and passed by a bunch of old men who like to be in bed before nine.

Any kind of event/celebrations/noise, including fireworks and music that will be held after 22:00 must have been applied for and approved 12 months in advance, according to the new provisions under the new legislation.

Even mayors themselves are up in arms about the strict bureaucracy for any kind of community parties, reports iDnes.cz.

The draconian changes stem from a decision of the Constitutional Court in June this year, where judges decided that ordinary people needed more notice of late events and were entitled to a good night’s, uninterrupted sleep.

The Offences Act is specifically intended to criminalize the actions of anyone who breaks the peace or makes any noise in the curfew times of 22:00 to 6:00.

“Nightly disturbance most often occurs at transportation hubs or on housing estates, often at a time when people are returning from restaurants and have a need to communicate their turbulent emotions to the widest number of people,” said Brno prevention officer Brno Michal Simandl.

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