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‘Days of Czech Beer’ is upon us, and you know what that means

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Get ready to drink your pants off, it’s time for the Czech beer festival.


PRAGUE – Because Czechs don’t already drink enough beer, the Czech Beer and Malt Association has organized for pubs and breweries all across the country to celebrate in the national festival of beer known as the “Days of Czech Beer.” The festival, which will run from September 23 until October 1, will feature special events at select locations and end with a “Night of Open Breweries,” which we imagine will involve a lot of drinking.

“‘Days of Czech Beers’ is a feast for all lovers of beer, pubs and gastronomy. Our objective is to use this event to promote the consumption of draft beer and also remind others of the unique and traditional Czech pub, ” František Šámal, chairman of the Czech Beer and Malt Association, said in a statement.

Along with this year’s motto, “the Czech pub is part of our culture — our national identity,” is also a featured dish to be served at some participating restaurants, roasted wild boar with rose-hip sauce and mushroom dumplings.

But what would a week of drinking beer be without a guilt trip afterwards? According to the Ceske-pivo website, the week of boozing will be followed by a week dedicated to alcohol awareness from October 14 – 21. This year, the awareness campaign will be focused on the issue of drinking and driving. This would probably have more impact BEFORE the festival, no?

According to a press release for the festival, Czechs drink 143 liters of beer per capita each year, making them the heaviest drinkers of beer in the world. It also shows that about 80% of Czechs are proud of their beer-producing heritage.

For more on the participating venues of the “Days of Czech Beer” festival , hop over to http://www.dnyceskehopiva.cz/.

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