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Police seize 90M Kč worth of counterfeit goods at Sapa Market

Inside Sapa Market. Photo: Bohemist

The popular Vietnamese market is still popular for the sale of illegal knock-offs.

PRAGUE – Following a routine inspection of the popular Sapa Market in Prague 4 earlier this month, police claim to have seized some 90 million Kč in counterfeit fragrances, according to local media.

The report shows that police took 30,000 units in luxury brand perfume and cologne fakes from Vietnamese vendors, including those adorned with the names Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Cartier and Paco Rabban.

“Customs officers have to check storage areas and found stacked cardboard boxes full of fake perfume. The very method of storage of the goods was not like that of original goods and the quality of the material they used was very bad,” Prague customs office spokesman Ivana Kurkova told Blesk.

The report showed that a similar police search last month yielded similar results, seizing 75,000 brand-name sneakers worth 75 million Kč. These, along with the perfumes, are likely headed for the incinerator.

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