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Pet Center planning to open hotels for cats and dogs nationwide

Hotels for dogs and cats to vacay with owners planned for CR and Bratislava.


PRAGUE – Just what your pet has truly always wanted – to travel with you everywhere you go. Pet supplies chain Pet Center has plans to make your furry companion’s dreams come true with construction of new pet hotels slated for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pet Center is the puppy of investment firm Penta and the pet hotels are a pillar of their investment strategy, marketing director Catherine Holnová told local media this week.

The first of the pet hotels is slated for construction to begin in the spring and will open in Brno, with a Prague sister hotel to follow suit shortly after.

“We are trying to build an ecosystem of services that we offer, in order to simplify the customer’s concern about the pet,” she said. “We see this trend, which has led us to the decision to invest in hotels.”

The hotels will include a kindergarten for dogs and pet-sitting services as well as a grooming salon to make sure pooch looks good on tour.

The investment managers at Penta say they are barking up the right tree as an owner’s love for their pet knows no economic recession (or reason apparently).

Prague already has 1,195 pet-friendly hotels where owners can stay with their kitty or hound, according to Booking.com and as residents will know, is one of the most pet-friendly cities in Europe with pets allowed on trains, trams, and in many restaurants and bars.

Pet Center already has 140 pet stores throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia and as well as its flagship hotel business, plans to expand to the business to include veterinary clinics and wholesale superstores are also on the cards. Good news for animal lovers nationwide.

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