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Prague is Europe’s pornography powerhouse, director says

It is the “center” for porn on the continent, according to filmmakers.


PRAGUE – The beautiful capital stands above the shoulders of many of its neighbors for having better beer, better architecture, but better porn?

In an interview with iDnes.cz, pornographic film director Jan Dudek argued that the Czech Republic is the center of all European pornography, ahead of launching his own porn site – redpudding.cz.

“The Czechs have always had a positive approach to sexuality, and even if it’s not totally, our [liberal] position has grown even stronger,” Dudek said.

He’s keeping his eye on proposed upcoming legal amendments in California, U.S.A that may suppress the strong porn industry there.

“I think the Czech Republic could become a leader in the field,” Dudek said, is the proposed laws pass.

Pornography is legal in Czech Republic, except pornography involving minors, animals or violence. Porn stars pick up between 10,000 Kč and 15,000 Kč per porn film shoot in the Republic, with many working one different shoot a week. We guess it pays the bills!

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