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Politicians escape VAT while you have to pay

Finance Minister in hot water after it’s revealed parliament members don’t pay VAT on lunch.


PRAGUE – There’s nothing worse than getting slapped with that hefty 21% VAT tax at the end of your bill. It’s a killer, and one of the highest in Europe.

But, it turns out that while us mere mortals have to pay it every time, the members of Czech parliament have been getting off scott-free.

Local media Blesk.cz has reported that lawmakers do not pay any VAT while dining in the parliamentary dining room. The online website also reports that the prices of the parliamentary dining room are scandalously low – a “socialist” 9 Kč for soup and 63 Kč for a main course. (We wanna know how we get an invite to this cheap food utopia.)

Parliamentary press officer Roman Žamboch defended the cheap prices for the parliamentarians, who earn about three times the average Czech wage, telling local press that the parliamentary dining room was exempt from the operation of the VAT Act.

However, Andrej Babiš sees things pretty differently and has threatened to slap the dining room with a retroactive VAT bill.

Somehow, we don’t see that bill getting paid..

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