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Czech ice hockey referee dies from puck injury

The referee was hit in the head by the puck and later succumbed to his injuries.


PRAGUE – Hockey is not a game known for its gentle demeanor. One of the most violent games on the world stage the catalog of injuries and deaths from ice hockey is a lengthy tome, but injuries or fatalities of referees are rare.

The Czech Ice Hockey Association announced that on September 10, Czech referee Pavel Lainka had been struck in the head by an ice hockey puck. The referee from Brno was only 24 years old and battles his injuries in hospital for more than two weeks, before succumbing to the blow. The league will hold a moment of silence in his honor in upcoming matches.

“Czech hockey on its part has lost a very promising and prospective referee with the highest ambitions. We express our deep condolences to the family and everyone nearby,” said representatives of the Association in local media.

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