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Police shut down anti-Islam protest at Saudi embassy (PICTURES)

Protesters attempt to march around a portable toilet pretending it represents the Hajj. Photo: Bohemist

Anti-Islamic group makes light of the Hajj by marching around a portable toilet in yet another racially charged theatrical performance.


PRAGUE – The anti-Islamic group known as the Initiative of Martin Konvička (IMK) took to the streets of Prague once again in the name of denouncing Islam, this time in front of the Saudi Embassy on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Preaching to a group of about 75 people, most of who were journalists, followers of the group dressed up in sheets imitating Islamic garb and carried fake swords, while leaders pronounced their hatred for both Islam and the government in front of a giant tarp that read “He who with a little girl lives, that is for me a pedophile.”

After about 20 minutes of speeches, the group proceeded to carry on with their protest theater, which included rolling out a portable toilet meant to resemble the Holy Kaaba at Mecca. Then, as the costumed protesters began to march around it in an attempt to mock the Hajj pilgrimage, police swept in to the sounds of dozens of deafening whistles being blown by those in support of the group, who also yelled obscenities at police, including calling them “fascists.” Nevertheless, the event was put to a halt, while the most active of demonstration’s organizers were carted away by police in a large van.

“We had planned theater that has been cancelled now,” vice president of IMK, Martin Vítek, told Bohemist shortly following the event. “It was cancelled in an illegal way that was not allowed. We will fight  it in court. The police had no right to do this… City Hall broke our rights.”

“We have the right of freedom of speech,” he continued. “Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology for governing the world.”

He also said that the group had also planned other stunts, though he refused to elaborate.

In one of the more dramatic segments of the protest, Mr. Konvička was thrown a small bouquet of roses by a fan, but he threw them back.

Last month, the group of fear-mongering, anti-Islamist nationalists staged a fake ISIS invasion at Old Town Square reportedly inspiring mass pandemonium and even injuries. The program for the demonstration included riding onto the square on a camel, staging a fake beheading and offering children foam rocks for a mock stoning.

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