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Anti-Islam group to stage protests in front of Saudi embassy on 9/11

Photo: Radim Grimsvotn / YouTube

IMK plans to “make fun” of Islam as well as the Saudi royal family.


PRAGUE – The anti-Islam group who last month staged a fake Islamic State invasion of Old Town Square are ramping up for their next performance, this time in front of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia on 9/11, the group said.

Artur Fiser, spokesman for the grassroots group called “We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic” said “that IMK [the Initiative of Martin Konvička] will make fun of the Saudi regime and Islam,” though he refused to elaborate further.

Two weeks ago, the group of fear-mongering, anti-Islamist nationalists staged a fake ISIS invasion at Old Town Square reportedly inspiring mass pandemonium and even injuries. The program for the demonstration included riding onto the square on a camel, staging a fake beheading and offering children foam rocks for a mock stoning.

The effort was led by Martin Konvička, who was detained by police after they cut the protest short.

Earlier this week,  spokesman for the Prague City Hall Vit Hofman told local media that there are no legal reasons to ban the forthcoming event on September 11 and that IMK has no intention of relocating it.

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