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Czech Ministry responds to Israel capital debacle

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Photo: Bohemist

Gov’t issues defensive repsonse to textbook dispute that resulted in gov’t renouncing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel


PRAGUE – The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday offered its defense of a decision to renounce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel following a recent textbook dispute raised by those in the Palestinian community who were offended that their children were being shown maps identified Jerusalem as the capital.

The story received ample coverage in the media and forced to ministry to clarify its position. Below is the full statement issued yesterday.

“With reference to some media reports on the status of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about the following:

The State of Israel declared Jerusalem as its capital. The status of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel is not internationally recognized. Based on the Foreign Affairs Council Conclusions, the Czech Republic, together with other EU Member States, considers Jerusalem as the future capital of both states, i.e. the State of Israel and the future State of Palestine. Tel Aviv is currently the seat of most foreign missions, including the Embassy of the Czech Republic.”

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