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Man attempts to infiltrate Merkel’s motorcade in Prague

Angela Merkel in 2008. Photo: Wikicommons

A man who attempted to breach Angela Merkel’s motorcade is arrested, as media speculate possible assassination attempt.


PRAGUE – A man was detained by Czech police yesterday after he attempted to breach the motorcade of German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier Thursday, causing speculation among international media that the incident was a foiled assassination attempt.

The relatively tamed incident went by with no injuries and neither Merkel, nor anyone else was affected by the attempt, police told reporters.

The attempt took place before 2:00 PM on Thursday when a man in a black Mercedes attempted to enter the motorcade that was traveling from Prague’s international airport to the city center. Police found no weapons in the car but there were some items, including cobblestones, in the vehicle.

The man is still being questioned by police, according to reports.

Merkel is not the most popular European politician in the Czech Republic. Several hundred protesters, including members of anti-Islam groups, rallied in central Prague against Merkel yesterday, blaming her for the introduction of radical Islam in Europe by opening its doors to refugees.

One protester waved a placard showing the German leader with a Hitler moustache as another had made a poster featuring the EU flag next to that of Nazi Germany.

But her visit to Prague goes beyond the refugee crisis and growing anti-Islamic sentiment that has gripped the country. Russian mouthpiece Sputnik International reported that The Czech Parliament’s upper house speaker, Milan Stech, would urge Merkel to remove anti-Russia sanctions.

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