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Czech racists pull most bizarre anti-Islam stunt ever (VIDEO)

Photo: Radim Grimsvotn / YouTube

An unconvincing mock ISIS invasion on the square allegedly caused panic as men wearing silly looking beards and riding a camel scared the shit out of tourists, say reports.


PRAGUE – A group of fear-mongering, anti-Islamist nationalists staged a fake ISIS invasion at Old Town Square on Sunday, reportedly inspiring mass pandemonium and even injuries, according to local and international media.

At about 2:00pm, anti-Islamist “activist” Martin Konvička dressed in white Muslim garb drove into the square on a jeep, while accompanied by a camel and men poorly disguised as ISIS soldiers, i.e. army fatigues and fake beards that needed to be readjusted every three minutes.

Drawing the attention of a few dozen smiling tourists, Konvička — who in 2009 founded the cleverly named “We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic” movement — then delivered his racist speech, while men brandishing toy guns shouted phrases including “Allahu Akbar.”

The demonstration was not to last however and police would end the event, but not before the group put on a theatrical destruction of textbooks, staged a mock-flogging of a woman holding a sign reading “Refugees welcome,” and handed out foam balls to by-passers — some of whom were CHILDREN — to “stone to death” another actress.

The language in the media however painted a far more grim picture. While the toy guns were being fired, “terrified passers-by began to run and attempted to hide from the shots,” reported Political Critique. iDNES reported that “several people were injured in the panic,” but could not verify the information as emergency respondents on the site treated not one person.

Discrediting the shocking impact of the demonstration further, authorities were said to have given permission to Konvička to carry out the public display with toy guns well ahead of time, according to local media. Still, police are currently investigating the matter and have not ruled out pressing charges.

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