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Director to recreate Czech hockey glory in Nagano — with stop motion animation


PRAGUE – Who could ever forget the the way Dominik Hašek came storming out of the net to greet his teammates at center ice after defeating the Russians to cap off the Czech Republic’s historic run to hockey gold in Nagano. Apparently enough people as Czech director Pavel Sadílek is now attempting to recapture the glory of ’98 in undertaking a stop-motion animated feature about the infamous moment.

According to a report by FilmNewEurope.com, the movie, to be called Nagano: The Birth of Heroes, will be an 80-minute project featuring heroes of the time, Ivan Hlinka and Jaromir Jagr’s mullet, and will made possible with the financing and support of the Czech Olympic Committee and Czech Ice Hockey team.

The script was written by screenwriter Petr Kolečko and the film — due for release in February 2018 — will be a humorous take of the events that occurred in Japan some 20 years ago. Not dissimilar from every sports movie ever made, Nagano will attempt to highlight the importance of trusting yourself and the power of team spirit.

The man who made the win possible, Dominik Hašek, then called “the dominator,” will voice himself in the film, while the project will be animated using puppets 25 centimeters tall. Sadílek is producing the film under a budget of €2.2 million.

The movie is currently in pre-production.

Curious? Check out the teaser from the movie in English and a short making-of video below:



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