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Top 5 weirdest shit being resold in Prague on Facebook this week


PRAGUE – Buying used stuff on the internet is great. Nobody likes paying full price for flatpack, sweat shop made, plywood Ikea furniture guaranteed to precipitate a divorce or extreme drinking bender while attempting to create a three door wardrobe with little more than a tiny allen key and one page of hieroglyphics instructions. And lord knows how many times I bought a beat up iPhone with the intention of fixing it myself and shaving hundreds of dollars off the price.

So Prague goers can turn to one of the dozens of Buy and Sell pages for the city on Facebook for a bargain. Although, we have to say, there is a line somewhere about what is acceptable to resell, and these items crossed it. Here’s the Top 5 weirdest shit for sale on Facebook this week.

* All photos sourced to Facebook.
  1. Dog


Hey, we understand you want to get rid of your dog, but why you gotta choke him out like that? Either you are a terribly abusive owner, or Pedro really is the worst dog ever.


Price: Free





2. Empty beer bottles

14068626_10208789958738936_6634228955201224938_oEver want to just grab your buddies and go on a world beer tour? Who hasn’t? With the economy though, who could ever afford such indulgences. In lieu of a trip, why not just add these empty beer bottles to your collection. Just be sure to skip over these the next time you have you have your classy girlfriend over and she asks about your trip to Belgium.

Price: Free


3. Nasty old running shoes

14040006_10157243087055007_5077986981921142435_nAs if reselling ordinary old running shoes isn’t bad enough. Imagine sliding your feet into these glove-for-your-feet babies. The sides of your toes and the in-between areas get the opportunity to soak in all of that delectable old sweat and bacteria. Deee-licious.

Update – sorry folks, these were SOLD.






4. Rotten bananas

14068597_10209864497230506_1539268490342774845_oStep right up and take the tram half-way across town to claim these half rotted bananas. Hey, I’ll have you know that darkened bananas are ideal for making custard. Mmm, custard.

Price: 170Kč



5. Mannequin

manEver want to completely freak out your friends and family? Why not get a mannequin? For one thing, she’s pretty. And the seller assures you her head and her arms are detachable. You could take her on a date, or treat her to some afternoon tea — perhaps a nice evening stroll followed by the opera. She could sit on your lap on the tram. However, please note she doesn’t come with her hair. Or her clothes.

Price: 800Kč

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