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Czech firm accused of stealing hundreds of thousands in furniture

Global Homes s.r.o. allegedly one ‘La-Z-Boy’ when it comes to paying its bills.


PRAGUE – At least three furniture manufacturers have reportedly filed complaints to police in Vietnam accusing a Czech supplier of not paying for nearly a million dollars worth of furniture, according to Vietnamese state-run media.

Between April and July of 2015, Gia Han Ltd. manufactured US$490,000 worth of products for a Czech firm called Global Home s.r.o., but no payment was ever made even though the goods were received in good order, a representative told Vietnamnet.net. Gia Han claim to have also made another $280,000 worth of products for order, which Global Home checked for quality and approved for export, but then left in Gia Han’s warehouses.

In an effort to deal with the problem, the firm requested a meeting with Global Homes CEO Otto De Jager “many times,” but the latter refused and asked Gia Han to pay a fine of $250,000 for “not delivering the products in the correct manner.”

But they were not the only firm to file grievances with the Czech supplier. State-owned Vinafor Danang Wood Processing Enterprise also accused Global Home of fraud, after they allegedly left $200,000 worth of products that it already approved for export in the company’s warehouse.

A third case dating back to 2012 alleges that Global Home refused to pay for $66,000 worth of products, saying that the delivery was not on time.

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