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Screw Rio, we won the minigolf youth world championships!

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Things might not be going so hot for the Czechs in Rio , but whatever, we took the gold in minigolf.


PRAGUE – Who needs the Rio Olympics when you can sink holes like a champion. That’s right, water erosion ain’t got nothin’ on the Czechs, who this weekend won the gold in both the male and female individual youth world miniature golf championships as apart of the 2016 WMF Minigolf Youth World Championships in Austria.

According to the all-important World Minigolf News website, 11 countries took part in the four-day-long under-19 tournament with the storied German team heavy favorites to take it all.

“Two major stories heading into the tournament were if weather would impact play and if the Germans would continue to dominate the youth categories as they did earlier in the U23 Nations Cup,” reported the website.

Unfortunately for the Germans, poor weather conditions would drive a wedge into their plans and teams were forced to move to a covered course, unable to play through the weather.

In the end, the favorites couldn’t ‘putt’ their money where their mouths were and it was instead two youngsters named Ondřej Škaloud and Alena Doleželová who were seeing green, winning by one and four strokes respectively.

“Škaloud left no doubt as to who the best male youth miniature golfer in the world was, but the road to that title wasn’t easy. The stroke-play side was tight as only 2 separated first through fifth place but Škaloud beat out James Lindström of Sweden for the top spot in ‘sudden death’ playoff,” the report continued.

The German team would end up finishing with silver and bronze. A rough weekend indeed!

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