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There might be less football on the radio soon

O2 decides to sue local providers over illicit broadcasts of international football competitions.


PRAGUE – It might get a little harder to catch international football competitions on the radio if O2 gets its way.

The mobile and cable conglomerate has decided to sue three local major cable and direct-to-home providers over illegal broadcasts of Champions League matches, to which it has exclusive rights, according to local media reports last week.

Details on the case are sparse, though the Constitutional Court recently rejected a case brought up against UPC recently by O2 demanding that those broadcasts shown on television be halted.

At the end of July, O2 announced that viewers catching the games via Internet and through mobile applications grew by two and a half times year-on-year, with net income growing 10% to 2.55  billion Kč (US$105.48 million) during the same period.

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