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Police admit to misconduct in Smíchov Tesco murder

Novy Smíchov. Photo: Wikicommons

Woman was a released mental patient bent on murdering somebody.


PRAGUE – Police have admitted to misconduct in the case of a mentally ill woman who in July viciously stabbed to death another woman in a Tesco at Novy Smíchov, according to reports local media.

The story reported on rozhlas.cz, fingers police, who today in a statement admitted they misjudged the condition of the 33-year-old woman two weeks before the murder, when she allegedly attempted to strangle to death another person at a cafe in Újezd.

The strangulation attempt at Újezd landed the accused in Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, where she had received several round of treatment previously. She was to be treated only for a fortnight in this instance and had  been released from her most recent treatment mere hours before the attack in Andel.

“The conclusion of the monitoring survey clearly shows how serious the consequences of misconduct of individuals can be. In this regard, it is necessary that the police learn their lesson from the mistakes of others and take measures that would minimize errors in the future,” regional police headquarters said in a statement

It, nor the report, specified in what ways police had bungled the situation, though it is known that they did not  charge the woman as a criminal offender in the strangulation case and did not mention it prosecutors.


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