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Hemp catches fire in ČR

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The sale of hemp in the Czech Republic soars with new cosmetics taking hold.


PRAGUE – Who ever said weed was just for smoking? Well, many people, but that has not stopped local cosmetics producers from making a living off the low-grade drug in other ways.

According to cannabis website Leafly, local hemp cosmetics producers are making millions on the growing demand for hemp-based topical creams across the globe.

“We managed to sign export agreements worth around US$3 million just in three months of 2016,” Robin Kazik, Co-Founder and Owner of topical cream firm Annabis told Leafly. “By this October, we should have branches in 12 different countries.” The company is hoping to export to the US later this year after securing FDA approval and is already present in 15 European countries as well as Japan, Chile and Russia.

The spread of hemp-based products in the Czech Republic began to spread at the end of communism, with firms starting out small by producing a range of products from their homes. Twenty years later, the top of the pack have figured out a way to infuse creams in a way that has garnered them a sizable share of the global marketplace, beating out competitors in countries like the Netherlands, where hemp products have long been a staple.

Companies like Annabis and Carun Pharmacy are now present in the U.K. and Poland, while the latter is ramping up to open a branch in Panama City Beach later this year, before tapping into New York and Dallas. Others like Cannaderm have been selling products online in the U.S. already for several years.

“Nowadays it is absolutely common to see a whole range of legal, cannabis-based products in every drugstore in Czechia, a stark contrast with neighboring countries,” said Hana Gabrielová, who’s farmed hemp for nearly two decades.

Hemp-based topicals are known to include such sexy ingredients like petroleum jelly, pork lard and coconut oil mixed in with hempseed oil or cannabis extracts. Of course, consumers will put almost anything on their skin if they think it has an inkling of health benefit, but hey, why not right?

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