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Top 5 places to catch the Rio Olympics in Prague


PRAGUE – Well, the Olympics are under way in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and viewings of 28 sports over 300+ events are in abundance in sports-loving Prague. If going home to watch on your lonesome just ain’t cutting it for you, we can recommend some places for you to catch all the action.

  1. Smíchov Waterfront – Not to be confused with the country’s other ‘official’ Olympic parks, the waterfront will be built for good ole fashioned kicks, as organizers will set up large screens to go with live music and other events starting August 8. The waterfront will be be showing games from 3 pm to 10 pm.
  2. Riegrovy sady – No surprises here. Anytime there is a major sports function, you can count on Riegrovy sady and its two giant outdoor screens to be playing it, and the Olympics are no different. Just watch out as proprietors will switch off the screens mid-game if they are being played at closing hours.
  3. Jama – Another classic sporting establishment with several screens, a wide variety of beers and some of the best burgers in town, this American-style bar on V Jámě in Prague 1 is a sure-fire bet for some quality Olympics action.
  4. Rocky O’Rielly’s Irish Bar – Lets face it, the long jump really isn’t all that interesting, that is unless you’ve had 5 or 6 Guinness’s. Located on Štěpánská in Prague 1, Rocky’s is the perfect expat hangout locale for beers and sport.
  5. Hit the streets! – Not keen to take on the smoke-filled bars? The talking heads say large screens will be erected at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square to show the major events. Not up yet, but keep a look out. Events TBD.

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