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WWII compensation deal for Czech Roma

The German government will pay about 2,500 euros to the remaining Roma survivors of the WWII Holocaust.


PRAGUE – Between 10 and 15 Czech Roma survivors of the Nazi Holocaust are set to receive 2,500 euros in compensation or the crimes committed against them during WWII.

The deal was agreed between the German and Czech governments. Germany has committed to paying 50 million euros in compensation by 2018 to concentration camp survivors and other victims of Second World War.

Most of the Czech Roma survivors are more than 70 years-old and face an undeterminable wait to receive the actual funds now that the deal has been struck.

Czech Romanis were vehemently targeted during WWII. With part of the population being sent to a concentration camp at Lety in southern Bohemia and another concentration camp in Moravia. Nearly 5,000 Czech Roma were sent to the death camps at Auschwitz. Less than 600 survived.

Minister for Regional Development Karla Šlechtová, who recently visited a memorial at Lety on the anniversary of the holocaust of the Roma, said, “Ninety percent of Roma who came from Bohemia and Moravia, did not survive World War II. It’s a very sad story and an important cornerstone in the overall mosaic of culture of remembrance.”

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