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Prague 1 wants to ban roadies after 10PM — SAY WHA???

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The city gov’t has had it with drunken tourists and want to take their beers away


PRAGUE – Fed up with drunk and disorderly tourists stumbling around Old Town late into the night with nothing but a bottle of Kozel and a pocket full of dreams, officials of Prague 1 now want to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores after 10:00pm, Czech Television confirmed on Friday.

Mayor of Oldrich Lomecký of TOP 09 elevated the issue after announcing that a decree simply banning drinking alcohol in public was not working, according to Lidovky.cz.

“We achieved a ban on the free sale of alcohol in bottles in convenience stores on the territory of the Prague historical reserve after 22:00,” said the mayor, adding that public disorder was on the rise, especially from “adolescents from abroad, who with cheap bottled alcohol bought in the streets of the city are the nightmare of those who live there.”

He said that he ban would only apply to the sale of roadies (beers bought from convenience stores for the purpose of drinking on the streets), and would not apply to restaurants and hotels. It is not yet clear when the ordinance will finish being drafted nor when it would come into effect.

Still, many-a local residents will likely bemoan the measure as excessive, especially because walking home with a late night beverage is awesome.


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