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Prague contemplates putting Wi-Fi in metros — YES PLEASE!

Heading down the escalators of a Prague metro station. Photo: Bohemist

PRAGUE – The Prague City Transport Company (DPP), responsible for the city’s public transportation, is contemplating the introduction of Wi-Fi at selected stations and ticket halls of the Prague metro railway, reports Czech portal E15.cz.

For years, Prague’s underground transport has been plagued by bad mobile signal and data transmission to the distress of tens of thousands of commuters each day.

Unfortunately, the idea is now just that — an idea, and a date for the introduction of Internet down below is not yet known. According to E15, the eventual implementation would only occur at select metro stations to be determined at a later date, though they might be determined based on traffic flow. Just imagine, now kids will be able to play Pokemon Go on the tracks.

By the end of August, DPP would like to have gathered all the information necessary for the launch of Wi-Fi, including cost calculations.

Currently, Prague only has Wi-Fi capability fitted into some new trams and a mobile signals for metro tunnels on Route A from Dejvicka to Motole. They are currently negotiating with mobile operators on the expansion of a mobile signal to other sections of the subway too, most notably one the C Line.

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