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Lock and load

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Increasing number of Czechs now in possession of firearms as gov’t continues pro-gun rhetoric


PRAGUE – Thousands of more Czechs are now carrying guns compared to last year, according to police data with gun licenses now up to 297,966.

The data first reported by ČTK shows an increase of gun holders to 5,944 or 2.03 percent when compared to last year, with the number of total licensed guns now standing at 784,722. The sudden increase in new gun owners reverses several years of steady decline in ownership dating from 2011 when there were 311,667 Czechs with firearms.

Despite the total five year decrease, it appears that more and more Czechs are not satisfied with just one weapon, with the total number of guns increasing by 11 percent from 706,900 five years ago.

The heavy increases come as top politicians have become more vocal on gun ownership rights recently in light of increased terrorist attacks in the region.

“In the past, I was against the possession of a too high number of arms, but I changed my mind after the attacks,” President Zeman said during an interview with Blesk.cz over the weekend.


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