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Hackers go after Finance Minister, shut down company websites

Anonymous. Photo: Wikicommons

Babiš becomes the latest victim of Anonymous. Looks like he and the Donald now have something else in common.


PRAGUE – Hackers belonging to the group Anonymous, a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities, went after assets belonging to influential Finance Minister and billionaire Andrej Babiš yesterday, temporarily shutting down company websites, local media reported.

Mr. Babiš is the second-richest man in the Czech Republic — valued last year at US$2.5 billion — and a popular figure known for using his said wealth as a vehicle to rise to power (much like Donald Trump did) in 2013 by founding a political movement under the ANO banner.

His business dealings, mostly in the foods processing, chemicals and agricultural sectors, however, have come under fire as a conflict of interest while Mr. Babiš remains in the public sector.

Andrej Babiš. Photo: Wikicommons
Andrej Babiš. Photo: Wikicommons

On Monday evening, Czech hackers from the Anonymous group took it among themselves to shut down the websites of Mr. Babiš’s holding company Agrofert and bakery group Penam, according to local private news agency Lupa.cz. It would not last long however, just five minutes, the firm would later confirm.

Today, Mr. Babiš told Reuters that he had before met with a representative from the group and was now planning on filing a criminal complaint over the hack.

“We only want to apply rules used by 18 (European Union) countries already, nobody wants to censor the internet. It is aimed against gambling companies that do not pay taxes,” he  told Reuters.

Anonymous is known for hacking the likes of several nefarious characters including ISIS and guess who, Donald Trump in 2015 when they hit the website of Trump Towers, which went down for more than an hour. They then released a YouTube video shortly afterward telling the Donald to think twice before he speaks.

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