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School’s out for Parliament, time for ČR’s politicians to party!

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Parliament has broken up for the summer ČR’s top politicians are spreading their wings.


PRAGUE – Czech parliament is on hiatus for the last month of summer. Here’s a round-up of where our dear leaders are catching some R&R, as reported in local press.

FRANCE: Finance Minister Andrej Babiš considers himself a bit of a Francophone and heads there every year. He told press he goes there for the Michelin-star restaurants and to check in on his “small real estate” business. Tough gig. Babiš is, after all, still the second richest man in the Republic. Guess he’s gotta spend those kurona somewhere.

SLOVENIA: Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Michael Marks picked the former Yugoslavia state for its proximity to both the mountains and the sea.

ITALY: Trade and Industry Minister Jan Mladek apparently kicked off his vacation immediately, tweeting a photo from the leaning tower of Pisa earlier this morning. Culture Minister Daniel Herman said he, too, would be touring the south of Italy before rejuvenating in his cottage in Sumava.

CANARY ISLANDS: Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Peter Gazdík was retiring to the Canary Islands, which, he said, had the bonus features of being “devoid of terrorism” but still in the EU. What a sweet spot that must be.

CROATIA: ODS Chairman Petr Fiala is taking his annual family vacation to the shores of Croatia once again.

Some pollies preferred to stay at home, Environment Minister Richard Brabec opting to spend the next weeks picking mushrooms in Sumava. Let’s hope he doesn’t pick any poison ones.

Defense Chief Martin Stropnický is staying all business. He told press it was inappropriate for a defense minister to holiday outside of Czech Republic. Let’s hope he doesn’t know something we don’t.

We’re expecting mahogany tans all round when parliament resumes on August 24.

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