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The Vintage Touch

Sabrina Fischer. Photo: Supplied

Sabrina Fischer is here to change the face of “flea” in Prague.


PRAGUE – For Austrian native Sabrina Fischer, the hipsters have awakened something.

“There’s a trend to be more conscious about your consumption,” she said, speaking of the increasing popularity of and demand for vintage and secondhand in society.

It’s safe to say Prague is a city of thrift.

There are a multitude of secondhand stores and major outlets like Textile House, accompanied by an ever expanding calendar of Farmers Markets. But nothing in the way of combining the two – a gulf Fischer has set out to fill with the first Vintage & Co. fashion flea market this Sunday July 31 at Kavárna Čekárna.

“I work in IT and I see the high tech side where things are getting more and more evolved and more and more is possible,” she said. “On the one hand you have this high tech evolution and on the other hand you have a ‘going back to basics’.”

She credits the hipster movement with helping to bring back the power of the flea market.

“Secondhand markets used to be mainstream in the 80’s and 90’s and then the popularity waned and then the hipsters jumped on it and now they’re back mainstream again,” she said.

“Years ago there was all the spas trend, then the organic trend, it’s more of a coming back to basics and shifting away from mass consumption.”

Fisher arrived in Prague eight months ago after a stint working in Beijing.

“Beijing has an amazing creative scene,” she said, but, “Chinese are not very likely to keep things and sell them or use them again,” instead having a culture of viewing all commodities as disposable.

Which made it a little hard for her to indulge her self-described “absolute passion for flea markets”.

“I checked out a lot of markets here in Prague, Czech people are fans of flea markets and secondhand. I found there were not a lot flea markets selling clothes or accessories for decent prices.”

“Design markets will sell new things for designer prices and then there are flea markets where there is more junk.”

The first Vintage & Co Fashion Flea Market aims to bridge the gap and provide a place for a community of thrifters to grow.

Fifteen stalls will feature at the inaugural event, which sold out of stalls in just a matter of days. The sellers include a vintage bicycle craftsman, a duo design team of vintage-inspired accessories, a secondhand fashion collector and a contemporary Prague designer, to name a few.

However, a flea market, for Fischer, is more than just the sum of its sellers.

“The best thing is if someone can tell me they went to a flea market and met a friend,” Fischer said. The Vintage & Co Fashion Flea Market was a way to engage more with the community in Prague and to contribute to building a community around flea markets and the sustainability they represent, she added.

Bargains are a great by-product, but the draw of flea markets for Fischer is still the ‘flea community’.

“It’s one of the few places you can go and you don’t know what to expect. It’s the Christmas parcel opening feeling,” she smiled.

Vintage & Co Flea Market
Sunday  July 31 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Kavárna Čekárna
Vratislavova 30/8, 128 00 Praha 2

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