300 room green glass complex to accompany Smichov Ferris wheel

Just when we thought the riverbank couldn’t get any worse.


PRAGUE – In the latest installment of destroying Prague’s visual heritage, another real estate development firm is planning on building an enormous luxury hotel right beside the 60 meter tall Ferris wheel project in Smichov.

Artist impressions show a five or six story green glass building with a ten story high tower. The design is the brainchild of renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, who also drew up the plans for the Golden Angel glass building above Anděl metro stop. Novel is the architect behind many iconic glass and metal structures in France, UAE and Spain.

Apparently there is a lot of leftover glass from that project.

The planned glace palace on the Vltava will have the capacity to sleep 600 people a night with conference facilities able to accommodate the same number and will likely go by the moniker River Terrace Hotel.

IDnes.cz published a timeline of the nearly 20-year-long fight by developer ING Real Estate to get the land and building permits for the hotel that will be built apparently only meters from the circus wheel. We’re not sure how people riding the Ferris wheel or guests staying in glass rooms will feel about this visual proximity.

Pre-construction sketches of the Ferris wheel do not include the huge green glass terrace palace, and nor do investor-made imaginings of the River Terrace Hotel include an enormous brightly lit metal spinning wheel.

It seems to us like Prague 5 planning department might benefit from a bit more coordination between enormous projects that will destroy the skyline. Although, coordination of expensive projects and large funds is not one of Prague 5’s strengths as global corruption watchdog Transparency International have pointed out in a number of reports about missing funds from the municipality.

We’re looking forward to future news of a 200 foot Smichov pyramid next.

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