Openly gay? Czechs may not like it that way, says poll


PRAGUE – If you’re reading this and you’re over 60 and have no homosexual family members, friends or community contacts, chances are you have a pretty negative view of gay pride, according to results of a recent poll by government-funded Center for Public Research.

The poll results released last week are the findings of a nearly month long survey across the Republic to gauge public perceptions of and attitudes toward gay citizens.

Younger respondents, Prague residents and those who reported having a gay member of their regular social circle had the most positive views, which seems fairly obvious given the old Confucius saying, if you don’t know what you are talking about, it’s hard to be right about it.

Respondents in rural areas of Prague said they thought it was better that things stay in the closet to avoid social problems, and those who self-reported as being in a lower socioeconomic class were most likely to have negative perceptions of homosexuals.

On a positive note, nearly three quarters of Czech respondents recognized and were aware of the legal right for homosexual couples to enter into registered partnerships – a less sexy and more bureaucratic way of being married.

Czech Republic on this front was a pioneer, legalizing the right to gay marriage since 2006, one of the earliest countries in the European Union and the Western world to do so.

The Center for Public Research overall found a marginal, but not imperceptible improvement in the perceptions of homosexuals across a broad spectrum of Czech citizens.

A notable take away was that having a gay member of your day to day social interaction circle had a marked impact on shows of positive perceptions for homosexuals.

Prague Pride will be held in August this year in the capital, although we think maybe it should go on tour and change some minds and hearts in the rural country?


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