Czech man leaves clothes as collateral for bar tab

The man walked starkers through his home town after drinking session left him in the red, or is that red-faced?


PRAGUE – We’ve all been there. Had a little bit too much fun and then the bill arrives like a big shot of raw reality.

However, for a Přerov native, the hefty bill arrived in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. Unable to pay, he did the only reasonable thing possible.

He stripped.

Luckily, he had the decency to at least leave on his grey ankle-length socks.

Hard hitting Czech news website posted CCTV footage of the broke streaker today.

The patron left his entire catalogue of clothing at the bar he was frequenting as collateral for the unpaid bill and left in socks and with his mobile phone in search of money to pay his bar tab.

Witnesses describe seeing a naked man nonchalantly strolling down the village streets and making calls on his cell.

A police report on the incident reads, “A motorized policed patrol was sent there and the sharp eye of the camera system quickly identified him walking happily on the sidewalk making a phone call.

“The officers quickly found the naked man, and he stated that he left the clothes as collateral at a restaurant.”

At this juncture, Přerov police let the man actually continue on his naked mission to secure funds for his beers.

“He left naked to get money from another one to pay the debt. He eventually paid the debt and put his clothes back on, which calmed down the pedestrians and drivers,” the police report concluded.

It is unclear why the patron was compelled to leave all his clothes and national police are attempting to investigate whether a crime was actually committed by the naked expedition.

The moral of the story appears to be, don’t be caught short at the bar in Přerov unless you are really, really, really comfortable with your body.



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