Smichov murderer was mental patient, police reveal

Charges laid against woman accused of murdering shopper inside Tesco.


PRAGUE – Prague 5 District Court confirmed today it has laid charges against the woman who stabbed a Tesco shopper to death in the Novy Smichov shopping complex earlier this week.

The prosecution is asking for 10 to 18 years in prison as punishment for the brutal assault on the 54-year-old female victim, local media reported today.

The attack occurred two days ago on a Thursday afternoon. Witness report seeing a scuffle broke out between the two women in the home-wares department of the store when the accused then stabbed the victim multiple times. The victim succumbed to her injuries before first responders were able to arrive on the scene. Police shut down half of the Tesco super store through the night to protect the crime scene.

The Tesco store is prominently located in the large Novy Smichov shopping center at Andel.

Municipal Public Prosecutor, Stepanek Zenklová, told local media she’d requested the accused be detailed for fear she would commit further crimes if released on bail before being tried.

The accused, a 33-year-old woman, had been repeatedly treated at Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, and had only been released from her most recent treatment hours before the attack.

Hospital director Martin Holly told, “I can confirm that the patient was treated with us. She was released that day”. He added that the accused had left the mental hospital “in a stable condition, set medication and had perception of the real world.”

The accused had purchased the weapon in the shopping center and selected her victim seemingly at random. Reports circulated in local press that the accused had committed other violent crimes in the past including an attempted strangling of a patron at a café in Ujezd two weeks before the Tesco murder.

The Health Ministry has opened up an investigation of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital to examine the circumstances of the accused’s seemingly premature release.

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