Former PM Petr Nečas and wife charged with bribery (again)

Petr Nečas in November 2012. Photo: Wikicommons
Petr Nečas in November 2012. Photo: Wikicommons

PRAGUE – The dizzying fall from grace of Petr Nečas has embroiled even more of his former staff and his wife in a corruption saga that seems less ‘scandal’ and more modus operandi.

In 2013 while serving as Prime Minister, Nečas’ office was raided by the corruption police and Necas’ now-wife Jana was detained. Jana Nagyova, as she was formerly known

The latest charges announced yesterday are levied against Nečas, his wife and former senior government official Roman Bocek and stems back to actions taken in 2012 when Nečas’ Civil Democrats government was trying to put through a contentious tax reform package. Three Civil Democrats ministers were allegedly offered lucrative jobs in state firms if they resigned their elected posts (and cleared the way for Nečas tax package to pass).

In a very Kafkaesque twist, the case against the three MPs who accepted the bribery was later expunged, with the Supreme Court ruling the MPs had immunity for any actions taken while making “political deals” in office, which in this case apparently includes bribery and coercion.

The House of Cards style backdoor wheeling and dealing didn’t stop there either. Prosecutors have previously gone after Jana for her pretty prestigious handbag collection, saying she avoided paying tax on the items and that the bags were actually gifts given to woo her into seducing her heavyweight husband to make certain political decisions. She’s also up against a number of charges of abuse of power including using Military Intelligence to spy on Nečas’ former-wife and leaking classified documents to the public with the aid of lobbyists.

Nečas’ lawyer told local media the charges against his client wouldn’t stick as Nečas had no direct dealings in any of the bribing. Hmmmm… sounds like what they all say.

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