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Return of the great Wild Horses


PRAGUE – They are the closest relative to the domestic horse and by the mid-60s they were listed as officially extinct, but with the latest release of four mares back to the expansive Mongolian desert Prague Zoo has significantly turned this around.

Since 2011, Prague Zoo in cooperation with the Czech army has undertaken an intensive breeding and transportation program of the famed Przewalski wild Mongolian horses back to their ancestral lands with the project “Return of the Wild Horses.”

The horses were transported in military aircraft to the Mongolian Gobi desert.

Altogether the project has transported 15 horses to Mongolia. The Zoo has contributed to the preservation of these endangered animals for decades, Prague Zoo said in a press release. The zoo has been breeding pedigree Przewalsi Horses since 1932.

“It happened after 3 pm Prague time, which in Mongolia was shortly before sunset. In previous transports to Takhin Tal, we had released the mares late at night,” the zoo’s director Miroslav Bobek added.

The mares, Heia, Reweta, Nara and Heilige, were selected for reintroduction into the wild due to their high likelihood of breeding well.

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